Streamline your IoT development with our partners.

We work with some the world’s leading IoT innovators to help our customers accelerate their time to market. Whether you’re looking to work with someone to design a solution for you or need a little help building your own, we have the resources you need.




Cloud Partners

Securely stream your sensor data to the cloud. We have partnered with some of the most popular cloud service providers to enable customers to use the platforms they already work with while leveraging Verizon's network and the ThingSpace platform.


Our customers are leveraging ThingSpace to create innovative IoT solutions across a wide array of use cases. See what others are building with ThingSpace and get inspired.

Design houses

Leverage insight from IoT designers on the forefront of innovation. Looking for support in designing your IoT solution? These design houses have experience building solutions on the ThingSpace platform and can help you achieve your IoT goal.


The ThingSpace SDK is pre-integrated on leading modules and SIMs, making device development simple and efficient. Pre-negotiated pricing and special connection credits make getting started even more cost-efficient.

System integrators

Connect with an end-to-end integration partner for your IoT solution. With specialized knowledge and diverse experience, our system integration partners can help you take your idea from concept to production.


Find solutions that are ready-made for your business. Our partner end-to-end solutions provide IoT solutions designed to be implemented simply and easily so you can start gaining value quickly.

Partner with ThingSpace.

If you have an IoT solution built on the ThingSpace platform that you're ready to share with the world, get in touch with us.

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