Verizon 5G Auto Lab

Comprehensive testing for connected cars.



What is the Verizon 5G Auto Lab?

At the Verizon 5G automotive lab, customers can do real time end-to-end testing of all connected vehicle solution components - device, network, management and applications in a safe and flexible Verizon 5G lab environment, including RF shielded private parking garage labs and remote secure connection to Verizon’s test track sites.

MEC & Autonomous Vehicles

Check out how MEC (multi-acess edge computing) can allow businesses to fully leverage the benefits of future automotive edge computing.
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Verizon and Mcity

Watch engineers at Mcity, the University of Michigan’s advanced mobility research center, use Verizon’s 5G network to test out driverless vehicles.
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5G Auto Lab and ThingSpace


Test your autonmous vehicles with the 5G Auto Lab, then manage them with ThingSpace.


ThingSpace APIs are the most effective way to manage bulk connections.  ThingSpace's real-time-reporting automatically shares information about usage, anomalies, transaction rules, logs and more, allowing you to stay up to date about connectivity.

  • default_imgActivate, suspend, resume, or deactivate wireless service
  • default_imgMake hardware or SIM swaps any time
  • default_imgTroubleshoot, monitor and manage usage in near real time
  • default_imgSet alerts to notify you of issues as they arise

Auto Lab capabilities and services


The 5G Auto Lab has 3 RF shielded rooms that have independent 4G LTE and 5G production network emulated environments (i.e. exact replicas of the Verizon Wireless commercial network elements)  supported by experienced engineers and innovators. These 4G LTE and 5G development environments allow participants to verify real-network performance of their devices in the early stages of the design cycle: no device approval or certifications are required before accessing these network environments.

Functional Call Testing
  • Device performance & RF characterization testing

  • Comprehensive Verizon network test cases

  • Test multiple communication methods mobile or network originated messages

  • Test on production Verizon’s 4G LTE and 5GNR network

Mobility Testing
  • Inter/Intra Cell handoffs

  • Drive Test Simulation

  • Near cell, Far cell and Cell edge scenarios

  • Node and traffic density testing

  • Authentication and registration testing

SIM Read/Write
  • OTA (Over the air) SIM programing

  • SIM/User profile troubleshooting

  • Leveraging Verizon network operations tool

MEC Testing
  • Hyperscaler interoperability testing (AWS,MSE)

  • Throughput and Latency validation


Learn more about leveraging ThingSpace to manage and automate

5G Business Internet connectivity.

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What to expect from the 5G Auto Lab


Quality Assurance

End-to-end testing for connected cars and apps over Verizon Private 5G Ultra network replicating our commercial environment to enable connectivity testing during production lifecycle

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