Build, monitor, and manage IoT applications of all types in one place


A. Temperature monitoring

Device retro-fitted inside older elevator, vibration triggers alert to technicians.

B. Water leak detection

Device wired inside vehicle tracks current location. Data transmits back to fleet’s back office in near real time.

C. HVAC monitoring

Sensor is installed inside water and sewer systems to detect pressure and water flow.

D. Smoke & CO2 detection

Devices wired inside basement detect high levels of moisture. Triggers alerts to insurance company back-office.

E. Machine & equipment monitoring

Devices wired inside basement detect high levels of moisture. Triggers alerts to insurance company back-office.


Verizon Sensor Insights addresses the need for efficient, scalable and user-friendly management solutions by simplifying this process, enabling you to activate, manage and monitor elements of your diverse IoT infrastructure seamlessly and efficiently.



Simplify the management of elements in your diverse IoT infrastructure, including sensors, Verizon-connected gateways and connectivity across multiple IoT protocols.





Monitor and resolve IoT device and equipment issues early and optimize your IoT operations with near-real-time data and proactive device monitoring condition-based monitoring through a single pane of glass.




Plan for growth and scale with our reliable network and IoT expertise, helping your business build its IoT infrastructure for a multitude of use cases.



Verizon Sensor Insights Portal

IoT Infrastructure Health Score

Unified scorecard for your IoT infrastructure performance

battery icon Get instant insights about battery level, signal strength, firmware updates, network performance, data usage, and critical alerts.


tool icon  Quickly determine course of action to fix IT problems.

Verizon Sensor Insights Portal

Network Analytics and Diagnostics

Interactive data visualization for usage & connectivity information.

sensor icon Visualize sensor and gateway and manage devices and cellular connectivity.


device icon  View device attributes such as states, rate plans, and models.


  Monitor device network connection status in near real time.

Verizon Sensor Insights Portal

Condition Based Monitoring

Set rules and alerts to monitor sensor condition in real-time

  Monitor sensor data and create as many rules and alerts as necessary.


  Create and manage user groups to receive actionable alerts based on specific sensor conditions and anticipate issues and mitigate operational problems.


  Export IOT and data for further analysis.

Verizon Sensor Insights Portal

Wireless Network Performance

Network coverage and performance insights. 

  View outage events and service notifications.


  View real time coverage map and cell site analytics.


  Overlay network with weather data analysis



Simplify management across protocols 

Sensor Insights works with Open Technologies and Standards, making it easier to manage all of your sensors and gateways in one place, minimize disruption to existing infrastructure, and enable greater flexibility in IoT  equipment used.



  Verizon Open Development Certified


  Wireless sensors


  Backhaul : Cellular LTE (4G)


  SIM: Standard/Industrial Micro SIM (3FF), EUICC capable


  Network Support: Public/MPN/Private via SIM slot


Device Agent: No VM or Docker Support.


  Verizon Open Development Certified


  Wireless sensors


  Backhaul: Cellular Cat M1


  SIM: Embedded


  Network Support: Public Cat-M1


Device Agent: ThingSpace SDK


  Verizon Open Development Certified


  Wired sensors


  Backhaul : Cellular LTE (4G) or WPN


  SIM: Embedded SIM or connection via Verizon Cradlepoint


  Network support: Public & Private Wireless Network


Device agent: Apollo Docker Service 

Sensor Insights in action

Learn more about how Sensor Insights supports a variety of use cases for many industries.


Cold Chain Monitoring

Protect your temperature sensitive goods


Facility Monitoring

Have peace of mind with 24/7 monitoring


Greenhouse Monitoring

Control critical environmental conditions


HVAC Monitoring

Keep your building occupants comfortable


Leak Detection

Don't let a small leak turn into a flood


Refrigeration Monitoring

Protect your perishables


Tank Monitoring

Track tank levels to reduce waste


Temperature Monitoring

Keep your inventory safe and your business open

IoT Digital Advisor

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