Working with Verizon Wireless

New to developing on the Verizon Wireless Network? Here is some stuff you should know when designing your IoT application.

About Device IDs - Descriptions of the different types of device identifiers, such as MDN, MEID, SIM, and ICCID.

About Device States - Descriptions of Active, Suspended, and Deactive device states.

About Device Reachability - An introduction to device reachability monitoring.

About Non-IP Data Delivery (NIDD) - An introduction to sending non-IP data to and from devices.

Working with eUICC Devices - An introduction to activating and working with eUICC Devices.

Service Provisioning Rules - General rules for suspending, restoriing, and deactivating service, plus rules for changing device service plans and swapping hardware.

Network Usage Guidelines - Guidelines for how your devices can be good citizens on the Verizon network, such as how often they can connect and how to recover from a network outage.

About Callback Services - An introduction to callback services (webhooks) used by the Connectivity Management API.

ThingSpace Data Retention Policy - A description of the amount of time that various types of data records are kept for retrieval.

Data Types and Units of Measure - A list of the valid data types used in the Connectivity Management API.